Geeks Unite: IPv6-Only Day

A few geeks today decided to declare a day for IPv6-only, and it's gone viral.

It all started with Eric Vyncke talking about ISOC measurements. Lawrence Hughes said we should have an "IPv4 Going Away Day." Andrew Yourtchenko went further, and suggested, "If you have IPv6, you use IPv6, if you do not - you take a day off in solidarity with those who do and as a signal to your employer to start thinking about IPv6 as a business continuity measure."

I suggested, "Go on IPv4 Strike" per discussions I'd had with Jason Fesler, thinking you could only sign up if you had IPv6 (we wouldn't want anyone to hurt themselves accidentally). But Andrew Yourtchenko published the Avaaz link, and it was done:

We, the undersigned,
Commit to completely turning IPv4 protocol off on all the devices we use, during the day of 06th June 2014, 00:01, to 23:59, as measured by the local times of our main residences.
If turning IPv4 off results in inability to perform our job for our employers, we tell them the reason and take a day off.
If turning IPv4 off results in inability to communicate with our loved ones for one day - we tell them the reason and ask for their forgiveness.
If turning IPv4 off results in inability to buy in the online shops - we do not buy anything that day and tell the reason later.
We commit to walk the New Internet with no crutches for a day.
It may not be easy.
Join us.

What should you do?

  1. Sign the commitment
  2. Share it on Facebook and Twitter
  3. Create a calendar reminder
  4. Tell your boss and your IT department. Make sure basics like email, VPN, and your job tools will be ready by then.
  5. Set up info pages on your web sites for to disable/enable IPv4; make sure it's reachable over IPv6
  1. Actually, make sure all of your pages are reachable over IPv6

Note that the last point is really #1.

Lee Howard
19 December 2013